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Increase your fibre bandwidth

Expand your fibre optic infrastructure with our highly reliable and easy-to-maintain xWDM multiplexers.

The products from our Lambdaline family can be flexibly expanded according to your needs, offer reliable and secure transmission of your data and high availability thanks to redundant design.

Discover the different possibilities and advantages of each product.


Lambdasmart Multi-format 40 channel DWDM open line system (0–80 km)

Lambdasmart is a true open line DWDM platform designed specifically for modern DCI. LambdasmartTM has the form factor and usability of a passive multiplexer. It amplifies the signals for longer distances and can handle higher data rate protocols. LambdasmartTM provides everything required for an open line system and is simple, reliable and open for all DCI protocol types. LambdasmartTM offers an unparalleled level of plug and play simplicity regardless of traffic type and network application.

Lambdatrail 4 DWDM MUXPONDER

The Lambdatrail 4 is an extremely compact, powerful and flexible DWDM muxponder which is primarily deployed in data center and cloud connectivity environments. The service modules and transceivers are hot-pluggable and hot-swappable.

Lambdatrail 3 Multichannel Transponder

The Lambdatrail 3 is a compact, modular and flexible multi-channel transponder. The idea of modularity consistently implemented, the standard 10 module slots can be equipped with different port modules. Each individually programmable and with different speeds if required, the Lambdatrail 3 meets the most versatile requirements. What's more, by simply changing the port module, future applications can also be realised without having to change the chassis.


With our Lambdaway system you can transport multiple services inexpensively over a pair of fibre or even a single one. The multiplexer is fully transparent regarding protocols and applications (i.e. Ethernet or Fibre Channel).


The deployment of optical amplifiers enables DWDM transmission over extended distances. The all-purpose amplifier Lambdaamp can operate as a booster as well as an intermediate line amplifier.


Lambdaprotect permanently monitors the amount of light that is transmitted through the fiber. If for any reason no or too little light is received the device will switch to the redundant fiber link within fractions of a second - without any interruption and any external intervention.


Signal quality degrades in long-haul transmissions. One of the causes is chromatic dispersion. Signal impairment in data transmissions can reach such an extent that the information transmitted is lost.


Where data has to be transported reliably, observation of the route is an important element in quality management. And in fibre networks it is very important not to disrupt running services. For such requirement Lambdatap ISMM has been developed. It is built in permanent in working fibre connections and splits a certain amount of light out of the working path. That part of the light is available to be monitored and analysed actively by external equipment.