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Lambdaprotect permanently monitors the amount of light that is transmitted through the fiber. If for any reason no or too little light is received the device will switch to the redundant fiber link within fractions of a second - without any interruption and any external intervention.

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  • Fast switching speed <30 ms (10 ms typically)
  • Transmission possible when power off
  • Monitoring via SNMP
  • Simple deployment
  • Working Wavelength: 1260 – 1360 / 1510 – 1610 nm
  • Maintenance-free
  • Compact design: 1U, 19"
  • Transparent transmission
  • 3 years warranty
  • – 48V DC or 230V AC

Lambdaprotect continuously monitors the optical power levels on redundant fiber optic links.

Caused by a fiber break or macro-bending, the received optical power level may drop below the preset minimum value. Within milliseconds Lambdaprotect switches to the redundant path. The utilization of Lambdaprotect enables to identify line failures instantaneously and to prevent service disruptions thanks to the rapid switch-over before any other network component is able to respond and start re-routing

Once troubleshooting is completed on the main fiber, traffic may be switched back to the primary path either using a management command or manually.

Continuous information on the connection status is provided through the built-in management feature of Lambdaprotect. Data transmission will be ensured, even if power is removed.

For organizations requiring constant availability and fail-safe network operation without any disruption and loss of data, Lambdaprotect presents a cost saving and efficient solution

  • Return loss: Typ. 60 dB
  • Polarization Dependent Loss: Typ. 0.06 dB
  • Isolation: Typ. 60 dB
  • Insertion Loss: TX » T1 /T2 max. 4 dB
  • Insertion Loss: R1 (R2) » RX max. 1.5 dB
  • Switching time: <35 ms, Typ. <10 ms
  • Switch sensitivity: from –15 to "no light"
  • Switching Type: Latched when Power Off
  • Power Supply: –48V DC or 230V AC
  • Switching Mode: Auto-, Manual
  • Network Management Interface: RJ45
  • Network Management Protocol: SNMP 1.0
  • Connectors: LC or E2000
Lambdatrail 1
Lambdatrail 1