Is the signal quality of your fiber link too bad?

Maybe dispersion compensation is poor!


Dispersion Compensator

Signal quality degrades in long-haul transmissions. One of the causes is chromatic dispersion. Signal impairment in data transmissions can reach such an extent that the information transmitted is lost.

With our Lambdacomp dispersion compensators, the effects of fiber dispersion can be eliminated in an easy and reliable way.

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Key features are:

When data are transmitted over fiber optic cable the effects of dispersion will lead to an undesired broadening of signals. This pulse spreading is caused by the different time (delay) it takes the spectral pulse components to travel down the fiber and results in a reduction of the transmission distance. The only way to counter this effect is to employ dispersion compensators which are installed upstream or downstream of the optical amplifiers and repeaters and compensate dispersion behavior.

Lambdacomp is a purely passive component compensating the skew of the different wavelengths. Lambdacomp is available for dispersion compensation in fibers of 20 km to 100 km lengths. Compensation is performed in a protocol transparent way

  • Compensation level: 20 –100 km
  • Channel spacing: 50GHz
  • Operation BW: >60GHz
  • Insertion loss: <3.0 dB
  • Latency: <25 ns
  • Operating temperature: -5 °–70 °C
  • Dimensions: 1U, 19"
  • Connectors: LC (E2000 on request)