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No, Lambdaway connectivity provides standard interfaces. They can be multi mode (850 nm) or single mode (1310 nm).

No, Lambdatap follows a different concept.
Lambdatap is basically an optical splitter. The functional principle is to branch a small monitor part of light from a running fibre optic service. A working part of the light is guaranteed for running the service. The part of light which is split out can be used for testing.

Lambdatrail produces all needed CWDM or DWDM wavelengths internally. This is so called active. As a result of that the multiplexers user side provides and requires standard interfaces (850/1310 nm) only.

Usually only one standard light source (so called white light) is used to transfer data over fibre optic cables. Lambdaway and Lambdatrail products make use of different spectrum of the light. Each specific spectrum (with its corresponding wave length) is able to transport a separate service in parallel to others. This technology is called CWDM respectively DWDM.

Yes. The idea is to use standardized technology (CWDM and DWDM) for high quality products but offer it in a way that perfectly fits to small to medium sized applications. Our Lambdaline multiplexer product line does enable your existing fibre optic cable to have multiple colours transferred. So you can actually use the same line for multiple services.